Friday, May 27, 2011

Long Weekend

I have to say goodbye to my internet world for the next 3 days because I am going camping. I am getting the shakes a bit. I can't go 12 hours much less multiple days.

This is what I plan on reading for the weekend:
These are ARCs sent to me from a Spring Release Webinar back in February.
I figure since I own them I'm not worried about camping damage.
I got into a conversation with a girlfriend this past week about Mockingjay so I decided to check that out of the library. I just need to know what happens!!! I just have to be super careful with it!
And then there is City of Bones...
I am saving it for last because I'm just not sure about it yet. I have heard a lot of hype about it though.

Oh and a pile of Entertainment Weekly's, People and last months Cosmo.
(I may or may not sneak in another book while the BF isn't looking.)
Did I mention yet that I am neither a camper or an outdoor person? 
And it's going to rain all weekend?
Let's hope I make it through this.

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