Sunday, May 8, 2011

Link Day

This article was absolutely baffling and frustrating to me: Do we really need our libraries? 
"I approach the book aisles in much the same way I would the alleys behind Uptown bars after midnight. I'm no longer convinced it's safe for a lone female to browse them alone since they are practically deserted and present a great opportunity for ambush."

And in defense of that, an article from our system's fabulous director: The Future According to MCLS

Interesting timeline of Web Sites from Stephen's Lighthouse.  

Great post from the YA 5 about "sexy" YA writing. She speaks the truth...
"Nearly everything I write has sex in it. Why? Because teenagers have sex! They think about it, too!"

'Checking out porn' protected by First Amendment. This happened in Rochester a few years back, I feel bad for any library system that has to deal with it. 
"Library patron Daisy Nazario, 60, said she was grossed out when she discovered she was sitting next to an elderly porn watcher in the Brooklyn Central Library recently. The looker was using library-provided extensions on the sides of his computer to block the view of his screen -- which was featuring a threesome at the time -- "but I could still hear the voices," a disgusted Nazario said."

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