Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I've Been Watching

I believe that teenagers receive their newsfeed (Facebook pun intended) from all sorts of sources. The internet, friends in school, television, magazines and then once in a while, books. In a small way, I am trying to view the world through a teenagers eyes, I am failing, of course, because my taste in television tends to differ. But I think I'll start tracking what I do watch, just to see how it relates. And, to stalk myself.

Because I am addicted to Netflix streaming on my Wii, I have access to what feels like an endless supply of entertainment. In the last month I have watched:

Teen Stuff (aka my guilty pleasures)
The last 2 seasons of Greek (some how they had the current season streaming!). I liked the story, it's a lot of friend drama, a little family drama and most of all, it's just fun. It was the last season, I'll miss it.

2 seasons of The Secret Life of the American Teen I have ranted about this show before. Haven't decided if I'll continue to watch it.

Currently I am watching Veronica Mars. For the 100th time. I want to be a teenage spy. Seriously.

Other Stuff
6 seasons of Weeds. I have watched them all before, but the boyfriend hadn't. I can watch them over and over again and not be sick of them. The new season will start this summer and for the first time ever, I don't have Showtime to watch it. Sad!

The 6th season of Grey's Anatomy, for the second time. I watched it weekly last year. Still love this show.

The first season of  Californication. When we finished Weeds I felt like I needed to fill the void in my heart, somehow.

We've also watched many documentaries lately. Mostly about food. FoodMatters was good, but Food Inc was better. It was an excellent documentary on how our food is processed. Kinda makes me want to move out to a farm and grow all of my own food. We also watched Beer Wars. Boyfriend has a wish to be a brewer when he grows up. Seriously entertaining depiction about how certain beer companies are taking over the market, while those fabulous micro brews are put out of the spotlight. And off the food topic... I watched a Hugh Hefner Documentary earlier. He's kinda great. Also, The One Percent was so good I actually put my laptop away. Pretty much, the rich keep getting richer and they don't feel bad about it. Great views of the rich families in America.

It's official, I watch too much TV. Or, I have no life.

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