Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't You Forget About Me

I watched the documentary Don't You Forget About Me this morning. It is four film makers on a road trip looking for John Hughes as well as interviews with those who worked with and appreciated him throughout the years.

Here was the point of the documentary. John Hughes made movies that resonated deeply with (myself) and many other teenagers/ grown-ups/ kids around the world. One of the interviews makes the point that his writing is what did it, or the casting is what did it, either way, somehow, he epitomized teenagers in those movies. While a lot of his characters were archetypes/ stereotypes of people in the world (i.e. The Breakfast Club). His writing in moves, his directing was spot on, he made movies teenagers could and still can relate to.

The next main point was, and my question for the day, which movies do that for teenagers now?

To be continued...

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