Thursday, March 10, 2011


Read this last night, kind of felt like she was saying everything I was thinking, only more concisely and without the random tangent in the middle...Natanya's Ramblings on the Dystopian Genre.  And another... The Future Sucks – A Visitor’s Guide to Dystopia

Again, read this last night. The "Ick" Factor. I have also been noticing this trend in YA fiction, where the characters and/or their romances make me want to puke. Plus, no matter how much I want a romance in a book, you can't take away from the originality of the story OR make the characters be "those" people who just do it for love, and in the process ruin the story. I felt that way about the Twilight books... I couldn't stand the sappyness between Bella and Edward. I made it a 3rd of the way through the first book.

Only piece I've read so far defending Harper Collins (since I live in library world, we're thinking "poor us")
Well Done Harper Collins...
"In spite of the heat HarperCollins can expect to receive from its library customers, I hope they stand their ground. Librarians need to shift their thinking as digitisation transforms the reading landscape. "

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