Friday, March 11, 2011

The John Hughes Coincidence

1. I have been watching The Secret Life of The American Teen with Molly Ringwald. (Rant below)
2. I have also been watching Greek which recently had an episode Camp Buy Me Love which references John Hughes movies. One of the characters was using them as a guide to life.
3. Last week I watched the documentary Don't You Forget About Me.

So I just finished up the 5th chapter of The Secret Life of the American Teen... because ABC Family does chapters when they release the DVDs and seasons when on television. Super confusing! Anyway, that isn't what the rant is about. The main character, Amy, is a teen mom, we watched the progression of her pregnancy and the first year of her baby, John's life over the last 3 seasons. Adrienne is following in Amy's foot steps, with Amy's ex-boyfriend Ben... Did I mention that Adrienne's ex boyfriend, Ricky is the father of Amy's baby? Yea, exactly. So it barely needs mentioning that we also see her surrounding friends and family and the obnoxious soap opera that is their life. Her parents are separated, divorced, reconciled and separated again. her sister Ashley is trying to sleep with Ricky... It's all about sex. Who is having it and with who. There is a major lack of maturity (which actually rings true, since they are indeed teenagers). But they are teenagers who are in very adult situations, the lack of maturity and selflessness is astounding sometimes. They all just want to grow up so fast.

And this flows into (what I think) is the void that television has right now.  Because back in the 80's when John Hughes was making movies, he got an accurate picture of teenagers. In the 90's when I was a kid I was hooked on Saved by the Bell and 90210, and it felt like they were at least trying to have shows for teens.Are there any realistic Teen shows right now? Where teenagers can turn on the TV and see others just like them? (Glee is definitely not the answer to this question by the way).

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