Friday, March 11, 2011

Taken from the Cheryl Renee Herbsman via  Reading Lark .

Distractions. They always occur at precisely the wrong time. What are FIVE things that always seem to distract you from reading or distract you while you are reading?

1. Boyfriend. He likes to talk as much as me :-)
2. Television. But not always, I am a great multi-tasker, if I am not sincerely interested in what is on the TV, I can read with it in the background. This makes the person above happy. 
3. Crocheting and or knitting, I am usually working on 1-3 projects at a time.
4. Facebook, oh the endless amount of time I can waste there.
5. Lately, Super Mario Brothers 3, we bought it for the Wii. Love the old school video games!

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