Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday night at the library...

It's buzzing in here with weekend excitement... They all want movies! They want to get on the computer! But the teens are no where to be found here. The kids have taken over half the library!

Things I have done:

  • Read a whole manga in an hour. I understand why the kids and teens love them, not that I didn't before. But I understand the other reason now... they are so short. I immediately felt accomplished, I clicked that I had read another book on my Goodreads.
  • I actually read 3 books last month! Considering I read 3 books in the 6 months previous to that, it's an amazing feat. 
    • Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers is about a a girl named Regina who was frozen out of her mean girl club. It was both deserved and undeserved, Regina and her former friends were just evil malicious bored girls. They spend the entire book going back and forth. It was kind of frightening really. Is this how teenage girls are? Serious trust issues. But apart from that, I was insanely addicted to the story to see how Regina would come out on the other end. I hearted it. 
    • Fallen by Lauren Kate is about a girl named Lucinda who was shipped off to reform school for her slightly crazy behavior. It is the first book in a series and it felt like it. She is drawn to Daniel, a boy who is trying hard to stay away... you know for secrets and what not. (I don't want to give away the ending by saying too much about the plot details.) Pretty much, creepy southern setting, boys falling in and out of love with a silly girl, supernatural secrets, and did I mention the soapy love story part? It's another version of Twilight. I hearted it. 
    • Hold Me Closer Necromancer, previously reviewed.
  • I am now reading:
    • Delirium by Lauren Oliver provided by NetGalley. Mostly because I haven't put in the February order yet. It's moving a little slow, but Ms. Oliver is creating a whole bizarre world, so it still has my attention. 
    • I have also started Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney. I'm ambivalent on this one, I'll give it a couple more readings until I put it aside. 
  • At home I have Tricks and Blue Bloods. I am starting my reading for the Teen Book Festival, since those authors are coming. I want to have read at least one of their books. Really I just need a reason to pick up random books. It's hard for me not to just read the new books (like the copy of XVI by Julia Karr that was just processed and shelved) So I devised a rule, for every new book I want to read, I read 2 older ones. I'm sure this will change when I get caught up a bit. 
Okay I have jinxed myself, teens are back, now we just have a full library period. 

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