Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Books I've Started

Books I've Started, used to be known as Books I'm Bored of. I figured out I hadn't in fact gotten bored of all the books, just temporarily lost interest in them, so I changed it. This may become my weekly Meme, because I get bored with at least 3 books every 2 weeks.

Let me explain, or justify it. I get kind of excited when I am inundated with new books. I want to read them all, so I start 4 at once. Then it gets weeded down to 1, I finish it and most times forget to go back to the other 3, unless they were really good. I haven't found very many really good books. I also have a insanely low attention span, should I mention that?

And I watch too much TV.

Here are the recent discards:
Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney

Got to page 40ish. Stopped reading because I realized I had 3 other books at home. And I got bored. I think it was the private school-secret society. It didn't get interesting quick enough.

XVI by Julia Karr

I am a little taken aback by the dystopianness in XVI. I will pick this back up, but I am moving this weekend, I needed to unload a couple books from my current house.

Tricks by Ellen Hopkins

I don't think I like prose in teen fiction. I'm going try reading Crank though. I feel like I have to give Ellen Hopkins a chance because every other teen loves her.

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