Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Thoughts/ Links Day

Cybils Winners! Can't wait to read the YA titles.

How Teenagers Would Re-invent Facebook- Great article with a lot of ideas. I have been on Facebook since my 3rd year in college, in 2005 when it was just beginning. It amazes me a little that it's only been 6 years and I have seen how far it has come. I also feel a little old. I haven't lived in a world (well, a teen world) without some sort of Social Media something. I was 12 when we got our first computer, and about the same age when AOL became a household name. I had a profile... and much to my mother's chagrin was in chat rooms all too often loving the random conversations. Okay, now I feel old in comparison to the teens I am surrounded by.

Teen Book Festival. I have never been before, kid of excited, especially because I decided not to volunteer and just attend. Can't wait to meet the authors!

And now for the random thoughts. I suck at reading lately.

I have tried to read Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney, I either have a lack of interest in it, or in reading. Haven't figured it out yet. I have Hex Hall on the hold shelf, Blue Bloods and XVI checked out, along with a couple mangas so I better get cracking on one of them.

I have also started Tricks by Ellen Hopkins. I am not a huge fan of stories told in prose but I am trying because she is going to be at Teen Book Festival.

I feel like a slacker YA librarian for reasons above and this one. I don't think I like what's popular. Years of creative writing and English classes in undergrad have killed my YA taste. Le sigh.

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