Sunday, June 5, 2011

YA Revolt has a new meaning...

I am still gainfully employed.

I got word this past week that I was going to be bounced to another library in my city. I am truly thankful for it. I get to work with a new group of people, some I have met before so that is exciting. Over all there are way more pros than cons, especially because, well, I still have a job.

Here is the thing. I will be a children's librarian. I have only been a young adult librarian for 6 months but I fell in love with it. One day I'll be back.

Here is my challenge: I have to plan the summer reading program. We are using the collaborative theme, One World, Many Stories that libraries all over the United States. So I have a built in multicultural theme that I find interesting and easy to work with. There is a great educational aspect of it that I admire. Kids don't know there is a whole world outside of their city much less their country. I planned a whole program for my library with the teenagers so that is the sad part, now, to do it all over again with a younger audience. Any help is appreciated.

So here is my second point. I think that I am still going to continue this blog in the spirit of Young Adult. Maybe a little children's once in a while, because, well, kid's books are cute.

I will be revolting against my job. I will be a Children's librarian trapped in the body of a YA librarian.

I look forward to the challenge.

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