Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have been reading all of these summer reading posts, I thought I would join in on the fun. Today was the kids last day of school. Summer Reading officially starts this coming Monday.  I have 1 weeks left at Sully being a YA librarian before moving to Wheatley to be their Children's librarian. Which means at the same time that I am finishing up random projects at Sully, and trying finish up summer reading plans... I am trying to get an idea of what my new library is like (via email) and trying to think of summer programming ideas for children.

The summer reading program at my current library has been outlined  for over 2 months. I collaborated with the Children's librarian to plan activities which was a great idea. The majority of our programs we designed to be all ages. We're doing a different continent/area (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America and Space) each week to organize our activities.

Summer Reading Kick Off: Minute to Win it games. We picked about 6 games for an hour long program. It's on Monday, I'm so excited since it's the only program I helped plan that I'll be able to see!

Teen Movie Madness: Our safe to be smart guy mentioned to me that these kids have seen all the new movies, so I should pull out some old ones. So for Asia we're using an old martial arts movie. (I was so mad, the Bruce Lee movies were rated R!) For Europe we are showing one of the older James Bond movies. I picked 10 Things I Hate About You for the United States. Mostly because it's one of my favorites.

There were a few specific activities that I planned and won't be able to do, knitting during Antarctica Week and the origami craft during Asia week. I was also super excited about a Harry Potter Trivia party, but I am going take that idea with me to my next library. During North America Week we planned on doing a 60's party, but my partner in crime and myself are both leaving. I planned nothing for South America Week so I am going to add that to my massive list of "things not to forget to do".

My day was a brain spinning cloud of randomness and running around. I think I did accomplish something... Maybe. I don't remember standing still for more than 10 seconds but I do remember hyperventilating at one point while chugging a diet mt. dew. I collected a good 75% of the summer reading books on the school's list into one spot in the front of the library. Tomorrow I am going to sticker them and write a memo notifying everyone they are there. I helped my boss lady with next year's magazine subscriptions. I sit by our magazines so I took them on as one of my pet projects. I also pulled all of the college prep type and had a clerk sticker them. I was a good delegater.

There are only a couple things left I have to do and they're pretty easy: Put a YA shopping cart together on our vendor's site for them to order. They'll be set until September. Make a list of the books that aren't released yet. My teens read a lot of series! They also tell me a lot about the books they want, I figure I will do the diligence and pass along the release info.

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